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This is my grandpa, Don Barnes, and he’s missing. Anyone in Orange County, California or San Diego County, CA please please keep your eyes peeled for him. He’s currently homeless, and was last seen in Balboa Park.

He’s 5 foot 10 inches, 76 years old with blue eyes, and is extremely thin. He may seem confused or lost, and he needs to be found as soon as possible. He’s a very gentle, sweet man who needs help getting home. If you see him, I am begging you to message me exactly where and when you saw him, or call the police and tell them that he’s a missing person.

Please. Your help is needed and appreciated.

My grandpa is still missing. If you don’t live in the San Diego area please please reblog just in case one of your followers does.  We love him and we miss him.


this is so serious PLEASE reblog this is my friends grandpa

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the only matching set I’ve ever owned

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crying because ill be there

Im kinda sad cause I won’t be there to see this happen this winter :(

For some reason I’m excited for winter in NYC again

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